Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Old News?

Jesus is coming!
Has it been told so long that it is now complacency?
Have those words lost their promise, lost their hope, lost their beauty?

Even now He's riding fast
upon the settled Word!
In just a moment we shall ride
just like a soaring bird!
Nothing to encumber those
committed to the Son!
Not a thing to soften celebrating
we have won!!
Then let no thing drown out the song
that is resounding yet!
These trials are not greater than
rewards that we will get!
These trials, they are but temporary,
joy is evermore!
Be seen, the joy that too awaits
upon celestial shore!

Be seen, the promises, the truths
that are so truthful here!
Be lived inside the living that
must be so very clear!
In the world until the day,

be beautiful and real:
"Jesus Christ is coming soon!"
so live, so breathe, so feel!

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