Monday, August 30, 2010

More like You!

"Thank You, great and mighty God
that I am not the same!
All praise and glory for that, Father,
goes unto Your Name!
I do not what I used to do,
I think not how I thought-
I am a changed man since Your sweet
salvation I have got!

I used to think, Lord, 'How could Christians
live the way they do?'
And now, I wonder how I ever
made it without You!
I can't even remember what
I used to do to cope;
and Lord, I do not try to now
that I've Your blessed hope!!
They that used to be with me,
they are no longer here!
Now that I speak Your Name in reverence,
Father, they stand clear!
I used to use Your precious Name
in many other ways,
but now, my Lord and Savior, 'tis
in reverential praise!

Thank You, great and mighty God,
that I am truly changed!
Every facet of my life
Your love has rearranged!
And changing more each day into
Your likeness men may see;
help me, Lord, a model of
Your very essence, be!"

No other way.
No other way to be saved than Jesus Christ.
No other way to please God but to ask Jesus into Your heart.
Quite 'intolerant,' don't you think?
Yes. But it must be done if You want to be "more like Him."

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