Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Here He comes...
Behold the glory of the King!
The same must be taken in individually...personally.
The Lord is personal.
That which ministers deeply to you may not be so to another.
The Lord is personal.
He wants to meet you at a level that will be understood.
Will you be there?

It's not the one with massive faith
as someone may imply,
it is the one who bows the head
when the need comes by;
it's not the one whose ministry
is known world-wide,
it is the one who kneels with
a supplication cried;
it's not the one behind the pulpit,
faithful though they be,
it is the one that lives that word
before the eyes of we...

How many are the faithful?
How does each one look?
How do you recognize such faith
and the time they took?
And how do you appreciate
a servant's faithfulness?
But to pray to God Most High,
their very lives to bless!

Who ministers in your life?
Are they necessarily "Ministers?"
Do you see Jesus when they come near you?
What are you looking for?

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