Saturday, August 28, 2010

It is a Well

Praise the Lord!
Thank You, God, for words!
Thank You, Holy Spirit, for arranging and blessing those words!
Ephesians 5:19,20 speaks to us of the life availed to them that cling to Jesus and His words.
Listen to these verses from The Holy Bible, Poet's Version:

I speak about Him all the day;
that joy--it is a well!
Psalms and hymns and spirit songs
my very heart does tell!
Making melody to Him
whose song makes me to live!
All praises from the depths within,
all day, to Him, I give!

"Giving thanks, Lord, all the day
for all the things of You!
All the mighty miracles
so evident, so true!
Thanks unto the Father in
the Name of Christ our King!
All my heart and soul and mind
forevermore shall sing!"

Oh, the healing and refreshing
of that song inside.
It flows without an end since in
my heart does He abide!
Oh the life I have in Him
and, yes, His life in me!
In joy and peace and love I'm carried
on to victory!

Does He abide in your heart? He can.
And these are MORE than mere words. They are Life!

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