Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'll Follow!

Oh, to know the depths that He
has purposed for this man;
every moment be ordained
and ordered to a Plan;
not to 'idle' as it were...
'just passing time until...'
o, but to be obedient
unto His holy will!

"No matter where You lead me I will follow...
all that You desire, I will do...
Be my Shield and Buckler in the battle,
and I will give all I can give to You!
For all eterne You dwell inside that chamber;
never shall I stray, my God and King!
Your Word upon my tongue to anybody-
Your praises and Your virtues I will sing!"

Yes, I will follow!
There is a plan for each and all of us. An 'itinerary,' if you will.
God has a perfect plan already ordained.
It is up to us to obey and follow.
I will follow. What about you?

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