Monday, August 30, 2010

The God of the Living!

The following words are stolen from Isaiah 38:18-20.
The prophet was making the point that it is the living that will praise God! (SHOULD praise God!)

"Oh Father, here am I again
with realizations true.
Hear me, oh my Father, as
I make them known to You;
Truth out of Your Holy Word
confirmed so unto me...
so faithful are You, Father, to
allow this child to see:

Death cannot give gratitude,
death cannot give praise!
They that go down to the Pit
cannot, Your anthem, raise!
For only them that live, oh God,
can voice Your praise so due!
The living, yes, the living man
shall sing praise unto You!
Singing of Your glories, Father,
as I do this day!
Oh Father, make such truth known to
Your children, this I pray!"

The Lord was ready, yes, indeed,
to save my very soul;
therefore will I sing my song,
for He has made me whole!
"Yea, Lord, ever-constant unto
You will my song be
in Your house and out, my God,
for everyone to see!! "

What is the song like in your 'house?'
Does it echo the song of the prophet?
Take a long, hard look at what God does for you in your everyday life, and sing it out!!

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