Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yes, I can hear it now!
Call me what You will, but I love His gift to us of trees.
I love walking through the woods...silently...alone...
Alone? NEVER!!

Walking through the halls of wood
that haven't got an end;
the rafters high above, they flutter
in the mild wind.
Matching each and every step,
(e'en each one to control,)
God Almighty, in the flesh,
the Bishop of my soul.

The leaves, so very brittle as
together, we keep pace;
I gaze upon His marred visage
while firm in His embrace;
and though our conversation is,
there be no need for such-
just one look into His eyes
conveys so very much!

Blessed be the symphony
throughout this hallowed hall;
and blessed be the Presence of
the Master over all!
Of course, He has a Kingdom in
the lofty heights above,
but oh so blessed am I that He
descends and shares His love!

Yes, that's how real and present my Heavenly Father is.
Yes, that's how personal He is to create something so beautiful for me to behold and enjoy!
(Oh, I'm sorry. Do you enjoy His creation, too?)

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