Sunday, August 15, 2010


There is a place where weather is always alright.
There is a place where life does not depend on the weather.
There is a place where, no matter what the weather is like, it is alright.
There is a place where, regardless of what has happened, you are o.k.
Have you found that place. Come with me...

"Hello, Father. There are my friends.
They came with me because there is a lot of turbulence in our lives, and I know that You have peace that cannot be found anywhere else.
They need that peace.
They need THE Peace!
So much has been destroyed, Father. But I know that You will replace it with better.
Please help them to realize that."

Are you one of those who need that realization?
Are you one of my friends who need to go to that place that is exempt from the "weather," 'weather' not necessarily being an 'atmospheric' event?
Every one of us is in some type of 'storm' most of the time.
I know Who is The Rider on the storm, and He is available no matter what or when!
His Name is Jesus.
He will help us weather the weather.
Call for Him! TRUST HIM!

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