Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mercy in Return

People will betray me,
deceit on every hand.
He said to recompense with love-
I do not understand!
However, as I love them,
that much more in return
He said the warming coals of fire
will begin to burn.

Therefore, make me a vessel,
Father, of Your grace.
The many facets of it be
so vital in this place!
No matter how I'm treated,
they must see Christ in me;
too, they must desire
everything that they can see.

Yea, give me that so needed
so I may freely give
to show them, oh, Your mercy,
to show them how to live.
But greater, to exemplify
that love by which You're known;
and maybe even share with them
the path unto Your throne.

Oh how easy it is to return good for harm...NOT!!
If it were easy, there would be no growth, and He would receive no glory!
How many of us are patient enough to see that growth?


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