Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Inside the heart of each of us, there is a location to which we 'escape' as often as we can. It is not as often as we desire, thus we even find ourselves daydreaming about it...anticipating it...even preparing for it.
In fact, right now, as I close my eyes, I am

Backroad through the county,
Friday afternoon;
half-an-hour from home,
I will be there soon.
I am in no hurry,
(though 'truly is a home,)
I will take my time as I
through His creation roam.

'Long the ramblin' river,
moderate to flow...
species of the forest
vastly I to know...
they that dwell within them
with an endless song
accompany my spirit
as I roll along...

Backroad through the county-
blessing at each hand
in the Presence of Him,
Maker of the land.
With Him I converse
of all that I see;
I realize how blessed I am
that He would share with me.

And indeed, I am blessed!
Even if I am only imagining right now, He has blessed me with visions of His vast, excellent creation!
Can you see it?

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