Monday, August 30, 2010

More like You!

"Thank You, great and mighty God
that I am not the same!
All praise and glory for that, Father,
goes unto Your Name!
I do not what I used to do,
I think not how I thought-
I am a changed man since Your sweet
salvation I have got!

I used to think, Lord, 'How could Christians
live the way they do?'
And now, I wonder how I ever
made it without You!
I can't even remember what
I used to do to cope;
and Lord, I do not try to now
that I've Your blessed hope!!
They that used to be with me,
they are no longer here!
Now that I speak Your Name in reverence,
Father, they stand clear!
I used to use Your precious Name
in many other ways,
but now, my Lord and Savior, 'tis
in reverential praise!

Thank You, great and mighty God,
that I am truly changed!
Every facet of my life
Your love has rearranged!
And changing more each day into
Your likeness men may see;
help me, Lord, a model of
Your very essence, be!"

No other way.
No other way to be saved than Jesus Christ.
No other way to please God but to ask Jesus into Your heart.
Quite 'intolerant,' don't you think?
Yes. But it must be done if You want to be "more like Him."

The God of the Living!

The following words are stolen from Isaiah 38:18-20.
The prophet was making the point that it is the living that will praise God! (SHOULD praise God!)

"Oh Father, here am I again
with realizations true.
Hear me, oh my Father, as
I make them known to You;
Truth out of Your Holy Word
confirmed so unto me...
so faithful are You, Father, to
allow this child to see:

Death cannot give gratitude,
death cannot give praise!
They that go down to the Pit
cannot, Your anthem, raise!
For only them that live, oh God,
can voice Your praise so due!
The living, yes, the living man
shall sing praise unto You!
Singing of Your glories, Father,
as I do this day!
Oh Father, make such truth known to
Your children, this I pray!"

The Lord was ready, yes, indeed,
to save my very soul;
therefore will I sing my song,
for He has made me whole!
"Yea, Lord, ever-constant unto
You will my song be
in Your house and out, my God,
for everyone to see!! "

What is the song like in your 'house?'
Does it echo the song of the prophet?
Take a long, hard look at what God does for you in your everyday life, and sing it out!!

The Quencher

Thirsting for the living water
am I once again;
feeling so dried up from all
the places I have been!
"Father, I have shared Your drink
with them that die of thirst,
and so do I return to Him
Who gave it to me first!

Fill me once again, my Lord,
with Your water pure.
Cause me to freely drink of it
that I may endure.
That living well that springs up unto
life without an end-
into the very depths of it
oh cause me to descend!

Oh, the drink that You provide, Lord,
it is Life indeed!
So replenishing this man
with everything I need!
Thank You, great and mighty God
for that blessed flow!
Cause me to take it, Father, unto
all who do not know!"

Each of us are cisterns.
We who are servants are to take that living water inside to a dying, thirsty world.
Never mind drying up. We know The Source!
And as long as we are willing to dispense that which He fills us up with, He will continue to use us!
Be filled...but do not keep it for yourself!

To Be Medicine

Seeing everywhere the pain
and all it does entail;
more prevalent it is as I
press further in the veil;
the deeper our affection is,
the clearer is His voice;
the much more humble I become
though I've cause to rejoice!

"The victory can I proclaim,
I shout it in my life!
But all around me, Father, is
such pain and grief and strife!
Sometimes, I feel guilty, Lord,
for being so adorned
when seeing those on whom it seems
that life, itself, has scorned.
Help me to share with them, my Lord,
the joy that they have not,
while not losing sight, Lord, of
the other needs they've got.
Help me to treat them as You would,
to touch them as You do,
and even let them see in me
the benefits of You.

Oh Father, be so obvious
in all I say and do
that they would view my life, oh Lord,
and see no one but You!
And Father, let my words unto them
be that healing balm
through which You would minister,
dispensing peace and calm.

In JESUS' Name,

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It is a Well

Praise the Lord!
Thank You, God, for words!
Thank You, Holy Spirit, for arranging and blessing those words!
Ephesians 5:19,20 speaks to us of the life availed to them that cling to Jesus and His words.
Listen to these verses from The Holy Bible, Poet's Version:

I speak about Him all the day;
that joy--it is a well!
Psalms and hymns and spirit songs
my very heart does tell!
Making melody to Him
whose song makes me to live!
All praises from the depths within,
all day, to Him, I give!

"Giving thanks, Lord, all the day
for all the things of You!
All the mighty miracles
so evident, so true!
Thanks unto the Father in
the Name of Christ our King!
All my heart and soul and mind
forevermore shall sing!"

Oh, the healing and refreshing
of that song inside.
It flows without an end since in
my heart does He abide!
Oh the life I have in Him
and, yes, His life in me!
In joy and peace and love I'm carried
on to victory!

Does He abide in your heart? He can.
And these are MORE than mere words. They are Life!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Closer to God.
How close? to get there...

Standing tall, upon my knees,
closer than before?
Seeing in another view-
beyond all metaphor.
Even past reality
the Presence of my King?
But reaching! Even groping as
unto Him now I cling!!

Standing tall upon my face
and closer not at all!
He embraces me against Him as
His holy Name I call!
Prostrate before His holiness-
I am accepted there!
Not a thing, no, nothing of
creation may impair!!

Standing tall, so many ways
while in the Presence of
Father, Son and Holy Spirit-
powerful the love!
Powerful be my position
due alone His grace-
however I approach Him,
He and I are face to face!

Go there! See Your God and Savior in His fullness!
Have you been in that position?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


"I am empty, but I know
that You have what I need.
I bow--You come and raise me up
where nothing can impede.
All I am I offer--You accept
my humble gift;
I scarce hold not a thing back, Lord,
mine everything You sift!

Jesus, I am empty.
Come and fill this man with You!
I receive the gift You are:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
manifest once more,
all in preparation of
the wonderment in store!

No more am I empty as
the Three of You revive!
I am filled, I am restored,
praise God, I AM ALIVE!
So faithful Ye to answer me
as I cry out believing!
Awesome God, I celebrate You
as I am receiving!"

Receive it with me, won't you? There is an abundance!
And He is no respecter of person!
Cry out to God for the abundance that HE provides!
You will be empty until you do.

Friday, August 20, 2010


"Where have gone the walls..."
Another hindrance falls!
Without that restraint,
a bigger picture paint!!
More can enter in
when there is no chagrin!
So tear down every wall
responding to His Call!

"Tear down every wall."
You know which ones they are.
Do you need a sermon to inspire you?
Do you need an order to motivate you?
Do you need someone on TV to tell you?
You know it must be done!!
Oh, you're waiting for your brother to go first...
You're waiting for a 'leader...'
Go next door!
Go across the street!
Go to the desk next to you at work!
Get on the phone and tell _____!
Anywhere outside of that church building...GO!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Your Palm Secure!

I remember seeing a drawing once. It was of a man with his hands out, looking up and saying
"Lord, where are You?"
As the 'camera' pulled back, the man was asking this question from the palm of God's hand.
Been there? Done that?

Cradled in the only arms
that satisfy so true
by the only One Who knows
exactly what to do.
For man can offer 'remedies,'
but Jesus has the cure;
thus I appeal unto the One
Whose love is ever pure!

"I implore You, o my Lord,
restore this man this day!
Though earthly counsel so abounds,
I turn unto Your way!
Whatever is iniquity,
You do so relate;
thus does my appeal ascend
to You Who are so great!!

From the very depths, oh Lord,
I reach out for You,
once again to realize
that I am held so true!
And as is flexed Your loving hand
thus my peace is sure
as I realize I am in
Your palm, Lord, so secure!"

The next time you are in any kind of stress or struggle, look around, feel the ground. Those hills and valleys may merely be the ridges in the palm of His hand.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yes, I can hear it now!
Call me what You will, but I love His gift to us of trees.
I love walking through the woods...silently...alone...
Alone? NEVER!!

Walking through the halls of wood
that haven't got an end;
the rafters high above, they flutter
in the mild wind.
Matching each and every step,
(e'en each one to control,)
God Almighty, in the flesh,
the Bishop of my soul.

The leaves, so very brittle as
together, we keep pace;
I gaze upon His marred visage
while firm in His embrace;
and though our conversation is,
there be no need for such-
just one look into His eyes
conveys so very much!

Blessed be the symphony
throughout this hallowed hall;
and blessed be the Presence of
the Master over all!
Of course, He has a Kingdom in
the lofty heights above,
but oh so blessed am I that He
descends and shares His love!

Yes, that's how real and present my Heavenly Father is.
Yes, that's how personal He is to create something so beautiful for me to behold and enjoy!
(Oh, I'm sorry. Do you enjoy His creation, too?)

Time passes...

Matthew James and Vicki Jean,
where have gone the years?
Years ago, I vowed to never say that-
now the tears...
Eleven years ago, the doctor
told us "It's a boy!"
Two years later, "IT'S A GIRL!"
just added to our joy!

The Holy Word admonishes us
to redeem the time.
Some ways that it was done by me,
however, was a crime!
But, for the most part, I feel we
have done good through the years,
and truly there is joy contained
in many of these tears!

Matthew James and Vicki Jean,
your mother is my crown,
and you be the jewels of it-
sparkling blue and brown!
Help me as I grow up with you
in the vision of
the Father, Son and Holy Ghost:
hope and peace and love!

"Eleven years ago," ...and that was 14 years ago!
The years have gone to
junior high...
high school...
and some of the years have gone to where they shall never recalled at all...unfortunately.
But I treasure the memories that long as they are! (Stop laughing, Matt!)

"Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he shall not depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6



Inside the heart of each of us, there is a location to which we 'escape' as often as we can. It is not as often as we desire, thus we even find ourselves daydreaming about it...anticipating it...even preparing for it.
In fact, right now, as I close my eyes, I am

Backroad through the county,
Friday afternoon;
half-an-hour from home,
I will be there soon.
I am in no hurry,
(though 'truly is a home,)
I will take my time as I
through His creation roam.

'Long the ramblin' river,
moderate to flow...
species of the forest
vastly I to know...
they that dwell within them
with an endless song
accompany my spirit
as I roll along...

Backroad through the county-
blessing at each hand
in the Presence of Him,
Maker of the land.
With Him I converse
of all that I see;
I realize how blessed I am
that He would share with me.

And indeed, I am blessed!
Even if I am only imagining right now, He has blessed me with visions of His vast, excellent creation!
Can you see it?

I'll Follow!

Oh, to know the depths that He
has purposed for this man;
every moment be ordained
and ordered to a Plan;
not to 'idle' as it were...
'just passing time until...'
o, but to be obedient
unto His holy will!

"No matter where You lead me I will follow...
all that You desire, I will do...
Be my Shield and Buckler in the battle,
and I will give all I can give to You!
For all eterne You dwell inside that chamber;
never shall I stray, my God and King!
Your Word upon my tongue to anybody-
Your praises and Your virtues I will sing!"

Yes, I will follow!
There is a plan for each and all of us. An 'itinerary,' if you will.
God has a perfect plan already ordained.
It is up to us to obey and follow.
I will follow. What about you?

Mercy in Return

People will betray me,
deceit on every hand.
He said to recompense with love-
I do not understand!
However, as I love them,
that much more in return
He said the warming coals of fire
will begin to burn.

Therefore, make me a vessel,
Father, of Your grace.
The many facets of it be
so vital in this place!
No matter how I'm treated,
they must see Christ in me;
too, they must desire
everything that they can see.

Yea, give me that so needed
so I may freely give
to show them, oh, Your mercy,
to show them how to live.
But greater, to exemplify
that love by which You're known;
and maybe even share with them
the path unto Your throne.

Oh how easy it is to return good for harm...NOT!!
If it were easy, there would be no growth, and He would receive no glory!
How many of us are patient enough to see that growth?


Monday, August 16, 2010

No Contest!

Upon my knees I stand.
Oh purify each hand;
anoint mine every word
that holiness be occurred.

So many are the hearts affected
when You touch each letter.
With You speaking through the pen
there's no concern of 'better.'
When the writing is anointed
'competitions' wane,
and we are one receiving, though
in Christ be all our gain!

Upon our knees we stand.
We lift up holy hands.
To Jesus Christ alone
be all allegiance shown!

I carry this pad with me at all times.
I write down what he tells me to.
What I write is no better or no worse than ____________. We are all in this together.
The ministry should not be a contest.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


There is a place where weather is always alright.
There is a place where life does not depend on the weather.
There is a place where, no matter what the weather is like, it is alright.
There is a place where, regardless of what has happened, you are o.k.
Have you found that place. Come with me...

"Hello, Father. There are my friends.
They came with me because there is a lot of turbulence in our lives, and I know that You have peace that cannot be found anywhere else.
They need that peace.
They need THE Peace!
So much has been destroyed, Father. But I know that You will replace it with better.
Please help them to realize that."

Are you one of those who need that realization?
Are you one of my friends who need to go to that place that is exempt from the "weather," 'weather' not necessarily being an 'atmospheric' event?
Every one of us is in some type of 'storm' most of the time.
I know Who is The Rider on the storm, and He is available no matter what or when!
His Name is Jesus.
He will help us weather the weather.
Call for Him! TRUST HIM!

Friday, August 13, 2010

"Thy Word is...

A lamp unto my feet,
a light unto my path;
Your Word, it steers the life of me,
and shields me from wrath!
It is a life alive when death

encompasses my own...
Your Word resuscitates my soul-
once more is living known!

O blessed be the Lamp that not
a thing could ever douse!
It speaks about mine every deed,
it settles all my house!
It is a life inside my hands
each time I pick it up it satisfies my hunger and
it always fills my cup!

A Light unto my path,
a Lamp unto my feet,
Your Word, o Father God, it makes
my very life complete!

In JESUS' Name,


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm grateful, oh my God, for every
good and perfect gift.
All that flows out of Your hand
gives all of life a lift!
The minute and the mighty, You have
manufactured all;
speaking life into it, life
responds to Your lone call!

Love and adoration unto
You I surely raise;
I return my gratitude
by worship and by praise!
Even sacrificing praise
to only You, my God!
The fruit of everything You are
I certainly applaud!!

The fruit of everything You are,
o let it flow from me!
O let it flow from each of us
with liberality!
O let it flow from all of life
in everything we are!
A constant flow of gratitude,
not ever from afar!

In JESUS' Name,

God provides--SHOUT IT OUT!
Life could go no further if He withdrew from it!
Rather, He patiently goes on watching...listening...providing.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Once more unto my refuge,
I need for to be heard;
they seek for my destruction,
they scoff at mine each word;
but God, but God will hear me,
through Jesus, my best Friend;
mine actions will He honor,
mine heart will He defend!

"The comfort of Your refuge,
it cannot be compared!
For there is calm and comfort,
asylum to be shared!
And it is for the moment,
the right amount of time;
restoring my defenses,
while confidences climb!"

Nowhere else! Not another place provides the protection, security and restoration like the Presence of God Most High!
It is not the arms of a man!
It is not the arms of a woman.
It is not a building!
God alone provides the absolute security needed to overcome whatever is pursuing you.


"How can I fathom such as You,
for You are God alone!
There are no words to apprehend
that You be fully known!
No man can even look at You
with vision settled fast
and yet I close mine eyes and find
a vision of You cast!

You are God alone!
Eternal is Your throne!
Time has no effect;
no measures intersect!
Whatever is occurred
I cannot catch in word!
You tease me nonetheless
and cause these words to bless!

You cannot be contained,
for You are God Alone.
But my attempts to vocalize
forever shall be known!
For I was made a scribe for You
so long before was time,
and to that highest calling, oh,
forever I will climb!"



I know there is a time
when life won't be a climb,
when morning shall not end-
no longer to defend!

I know there is a place
that nothing can deface;
no thing at all impure-
for there will saints endure!

I know there is Someone,
and He is God's own Son!
He is that Time and Place-
our Defense and our Grace!

I know, I know, I know!
Do you know?
But it must be more than mere knowledge!
It must be deeper!
It must be faith without question in your life! In your heart!
Is it? Is He?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sermon on the Web

Where nothing seems to matter,
(or so do most believe,)
there is a world that matters and
the same can ALL receive!
A spirit realm is living and
it matters more each day!
Unto the saved of Jesus Christ
it be a major Way!

A spirit realm is living,
for better and for worse.
To deny the same is equal
to a wretched curse!
Denial only makes the foe
gain power for his own...
but his defeat is certain!
This truth is surely known!

"Nothing seems to matter..."
another living lie!
All to gain control over
the souls of you and I.
Make it matter! Make Christ Lord
and Savior of Your soul!
Surrender unto Jesus! Give Him
absolute control!

There are things that matter in this life.
Your soul is #1. Who are you giving yours to?
Yes, this world has a 'world' of things that are important.
The Bible says "Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all else shall be taken care of."
What in the world are you doing with your soul?
Matthew 6:33

Nothing Else!

(, not anything!)

"Nothing in comparison,
not a thing at all,
no other vision like the one
availed in Your call:
a glimpse of glory unto us,
a vision of Your face,
a fullness unto anyone
filled with glory grace!

Oh, but not a thing to be compared
to Your reality!
Not a thing to take the place
of Your regality!

Nothing in comparison,
not a thing at all!
Here we are, availing all,
oh Holy Spirit fall!"

Nothing of this world compares to God.
Nothing this world has to offer comes close to what God has for us.
It is all availed in Jesus Christ alone.
Don't miss any of it!!

Mere Words?

"Bless the Name of Jesus!"
"Glory to God in the highest!"
"Praise the Lord!"

"How can I say I love You as
I look into Your face,
when I look at my brother and
declare him a disgrace?

How can I say I love You, Lord,
and promise You my heart,
when I see "that part of town"
and rapidly depart?

How can I say I love You and
partake of Your own hand,
when I ignore him holding sign,
beside the road to stand?

How can I say I love You, Lord,
and make it more than word,
lest proof of such inside my daily
living is occurred?"


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Old News?

Jesus is coming!
Has it been told so long that it is now complacency?
Have those words lost their promise, lost their hope, lost their beauty?

Even now He's riding fast
upon the settled Word!
In just a moment we shall ride
just like a soaring bird!
Nothing to encumber those
committed to the Son!
Not a thing to soften celebrating
we have won!!
Then let no thing drown out the song
that is resounding yet!
These trials are not greater than
rewards that we will get!
These trials, they are but temporary,
joy is evermore!
Be seen, the joy that too awaits
upon celestial shore!

Be seen, the promises, the truths
that are so truthful here!
Be lived inside the living that
must be so very clear!
In the world until the day,

be beautiful and real:
"Jesus Christ is coming soon!"
so live, so breathe, so feel!

There is a time

Time in this place is waning each day...
Signs of the end are more and more apparent...
Warnings here and warnings there...
But amidst all of that remain promises that have been established before time itself...

I know there waits a time
when life won't be a climb
the mountaintop will be under our feet!
No more trial there!
Nothing to despair!
obsolete will be the word 'defeat!'
We shall be as we are
and He shall be the Star
finally, will living be 'complete!'
So very soon that time,
and more than ready I'm!
to join the multitudes at Jesus' feet!

Of a truth, be aware of the times and seasons that are, but don't let the signs of the times embezzle you out of the good things God has prepared for you if you are born again!


Here He comes...
Behold the glory of the King!
The same must be taken in individually...personally.
The Lord is personal.
That which ministers deeply to you may not be so to another.
The Lord is personal.
He wants to meet you at a level that will be understood.
Will you be there?

It's not the one with massive faith
as someone may imply,
it is the one who bows the head
when the need comes by;
it's not the one whose ministry
is known world-wide,
it is the one who kneels with
a supplication cried;
it's not the one behind the pulpit,
faithful though they be,
it is the one that lives that word
before the eyes of we...

How many are the faithful?
How does each one look?
How do you recognize such faith
and the time they took?
And how do you appreciate
a servant's faithfulness?
But to pray to God Most High,
their very lives to bless!

Who ministers in your life?
Are they necessarily "Ministers?"
Do you see Jesus when they come near you?
What are you looking for?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Promise Keeper

Hope in restoration,
one moment at a time;
integrity to rein the same,
self-esteem to climb;
That brother in his trial,
assistance to request;
do I stand in denial
when I can help him best?

No! But standing in the gap,
I can turn the tide
by embracing him, my brother,
my 'self' be denied.
By my yielding unto God
a channel I become
between my brother and my Father-
victory the sum!

I be without excuse if I
should turn and walk away.
I be without excuse before Him
on that awesome day!
Lead me to my brother man,
those promises to keep:
rejoicing with those who rejoice,
embracing those whop weep.

We cannot do everything. We CAN do something.
We lie to ourselves if we think we can do everything, and we kill ourselves!
But if each of us would do that one thing that we are called to do, everything would get done:
That brother would be ministered to.
That sister would be blessed!
That child would be more secure!
Are you "keeping the promise," or are you "just walking by?"