Saturday, July 3, 2010

"What Price Freedom?"

so the thought again
before I celebrate...
to know the fullness of it-
is the task too very great?
I give a couple days a year
while others gIve their all;
I answer with a holiday
while others heed the call.

But I can have a holiday
BECAUSE they gave their all!!
And I will not let "fireworks"
totally enthrall!
I will give thought unto the task
of garnering such right,
and to the ones continuing
in freedom's constant fight!

Too great a task to ponder what
we celebrate while free?
But look at what my Savior did
to free the soul of me!
He is the One I thank the most
while fireworks explode!
He is atop that list of
everybody that is owed.

America the beautiful,
America the freed!
One nation under God, we are

America, indeed!!


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