Wednesday, July 7, 2010


raining off and on...
writing as fast as I can...

My strength is not in anything
that mortal man can see;
I must only call His Name,
and strengthened I will be!
When I am in the valley after
I have given all,
I know Who is my strength:
The Name of Jesus Christ I call!
I know the Name of Jesus,
I know Who is the Man,
I call upon the God He is
just because I can!
Stronger He than anything
a scribe could bring to verse,
the whole of man that is myself
into Him I immerse!

O the healing, o the strength
that is the Lord to me!
Dependent on no element,
unlimited is He!
And more the victor I become
as He repairs the man
receiving of the arms of Him
and marvelling such span!

Raining off and on?
But the strength of my God rains upon us even more!

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