Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Occupying Peace

Peace. Oh, what a feeling it is!
It is a feeling money cannot buy.
But it has to be more than a feeling!
Too many folks think that once they are comfortable and have $______, they will have peace.
It does not work that way!
You must have peace before you have $_____, or you will have no peace regardless of how much $$$ you have!
Something money cannot buy.
Something far greater than a feeling.
Do you have it?

"Walking with You slowly
regardless of the pace...
Spending time in silence in
the middle of the race...
letting You determine
what I do and where I go
assures the finish line is something
I will surely know!

Oh the peace that is, no matter
what my station be;
"enough" is certain, yet I surely
know abundancy!
"Never as the world knows,"
but greater, Lord, by far,
is the love, the peace and the
prosperity You are!!

This I know, Lord, of a truth,
that I have yet to lack!
I look at everything we are,
and never I look back!
Too, I look to that ahead
known just to You and I,
what sweet assuring promise of
that peace to occupy!"

Occupying peace.
That means you are at peace no matter what is going on.
That means that you have peace no matter what you have. (Or do not have.)
In Jesus Christ that peace is available.
"Prosperity Gospel?" NO! Proven truth!
Go for it!!

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