Friday, July 2, 2010

Independence Day

Across the bay once more...
"...Seven and fourscore..."
I ponder while the bombs burst in the air.
We celebrate we're free
with liberality
in ways that really are beyond compare!
But greater that mere noise,
each one of us enjoys
KNOWING that our freedom is not free!
That truth affects once more,
right here, upon the shore,
while glorifying God that we yet be!

Independence Day-
the Truth, the Life, the Way
is at the core of what we celebrate!
We celebrate His ways

and give Him holy praise
for keeping us a land so good and great!!

Wherever you happen to be this weekend, thank God that you have independence!
(I know that there are those of you reading this in a place where you do not savor the blessing that we know, but you can celebrate the freedom that You have in Jesus. I cannot imagine living like you do, but please do your best knowing that we are praying for you.)

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