Monday, July 5, 2010


How does that sound?!
However, did you know that The Bible instructs us to be so bold when we come to the throne sometimes and when we pray?
Another 'plus' I have on my side: where I live! I am so blessed to live HERE! I have so much as I live here...

Oh give me what I have than all
the riches known to man!
I do not have a fortune, no;
but this I know: I CAN!
However, unto most of men
a fortune I possess,
as I am in a country called
AMERICA--God bless!

O give me all I have than all
that men desire, yes,
that I may take the lion's share
unto the world and bless!
I have so much, I can afford
to give it all away,
because I know He will replace it
in His time and way.

O give me all I have and I
will spend it all right here
in my beloved America,
the land I hold so dear!
I'll spend it as the Holy Spirit
speaks unto my heart!
O give me what I have,
for I have much! "HOW GREAT THOU ART!"

Be so bold when You are with God! You do have the right.

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