Monday, July 12, 2010

But Life Is!

Glory and praise and honor to You!
You alone are God!
I trust in not another, Lord,
all other would be flawed!
You are God alone, You come
along and strengthen me;
You are God alone, Lord, and
not any other be!!

You cause the rain to fall upon
the unjust and the just.
Though destruction come by such,
in You alone I trust!
Though calamity arrive
Sovereign You remain;
You protect, You provide,
o let me not complain!

Disaster on me, o my God,
but You will make a way!
I have lost so much, but life
is in me yet this day!
Glory praise and honor to You,
You alone are God!
and You will order steps, even
if I see them as flawed!

The earthquake...the flood...the tornado...
But I am still alive to see recall them and the grace of God that preserves me through them.
Cling to the grace of God!
No other way to withstand this life!

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