Sunday, July 25, 2010

Awesome God is He!

He is there to speak when I open my mouth...
He is there to speak when I start to write...
He is here right now as you read this...
What will He say to you?

Across the miles are the billows
gathering in mass...
soon and very soon, the violence
overhead shall pass...
how many are the ones to take
the time to be aware
of the majesty that God,
across the sky, would share?

"TAKE COVER!! There will be a storm
in just a little while!"
Thunder...lightning...wind and rain,
nature, oh so vile!

Take a moment, note the majesty
upon the rise!
Artistry, changing on
the canvas of the skies!

Awesome God is He.
He is here explaining what is in sight.
What about there beneath the violence that is probably contained in afar said beauty?
What is your answer?

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