Saturday, July 17, 2010

Angels about...

Years ago, I used to argue...snicker...not anymore!
Such truth proven yet again this week.
A small trip, returning, two hours from home...stopping to rest...steam coming from under the hood as we park the truck.
Not on the highway, not going 70+mph...angels watching.
Not on the way there, not driving...but as we park in front of a busy store... angels waiting!
The hood is up. Debby & I are watching the engine steam...(but not watching alone!)
"You guys need help?" said he.
After taking us to the parts house, fixing the problem, the angel and his wife flew into the store, and we finished the trip.
Angels about? Always!
"God is so good!"
Did I say that when I raised the hood?
Well.......yes! Because I am (we are) growing more and more accustomed to knowing that God has the answer to the problem we face even before the problem arises.
Do you believe in angels?
Is there an angel(s) about your life?

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