Friday, July 9, 2010

All One of Them

In a secret place
where nothing will distract.
The deepest of emotion
this locale to exact.
All due to the Occupant
Who calls my being here:
the One Who saves my very soul
His Presence is so near...
His Presence is so clear...
His Presence is so dear!

In a secret place...
It must be a place we go to often!
First, however, we must communicate with the Holy Spirit. He is our Escort into that place where is only the Lord and yourself...that precious Presence. Then are we ready for that Secret Place where communing of a higher level takes place.
Communing with Jesus Christ...
communing with the Holy Spirit...
communing with Father God...
communing with all One of Them!
Have you been there? It is so wonderful!

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