Saturday, July 10, 2010


Where does it end?
How far will ______ go before I realize that it is coming between God and I?
But how can it be an "addiction" if it is enjoyable and hurts no one?
Even other people enjoy it.
Even other people enjoy mine.
How can it be sin?
It's not illegal.
It's available everywhere!!
You don't even have to be 21 to buy it.
You don't even have to be 18 to buy it!
Other people are even happy to get it for me as a gift...
Then why do I lie to obtain it?
Why do I get upset when I cannot get it for myself?
Where does it end?
Addictions are only for illegal stuff!
Addictions are only for those people who look like they are addicts!
No! It can't be an addiction!
I know! Let's call it a "Hobby."
Yea, that's it! Call it a "Hobby."
Everyone has one of those.
Where does it end?
Would my wife call it that?
Would my kids call it that?
Would my Pastor call it that?
Where does it end?

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