Monday, July 26, 2010


Upon a stately twig,
life, so very big...
song so very proud...
color very loud!
Notifying all
with distinctive call,
wing so very blue
is entertaining view!

That which you hear, do you automatically assign a size or state to it?
That so very tiny and brilliant of His creation is often so very beautiful and memorable.
Don't miss it!


The glory of His Majesty's creation
one must only look for to behold!
And listen to creation's celebration
in ways so very subtle and so bold!
But one must only look into the mirror
to behold the greatest one of all:
it is the very seer and the hearer
as He allows response unto His call.

Man is a most complex and wonderful creation. But we argue with God about the very way He created us.
He still calls us beautiful.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Awesome God is He!

He is there to speak when I open my mouth...
He is there to speak when I start to write...
He is here right now as you read this...
What will He say to you?

Across the miles are the billows
gathering in mass...
soon and very soon, the violence
overhead shall pass...
how many are the ones to take
the time to be aware
of the majesty that God,
across the sky, would share?

"TAKE COVER!! There will be a storm
in just a little while!"
Thunder...lightning...wind and rain,
nature, oh so vile!

Take a moment, note the majesty
upon the rise!
Artistry, changing on
the canvas of the skies!

Awesome God is He.
He is here explaining what is in sight.
What about there beneath the violence that is probably contained in afar said beauty?
What is your answer?

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Calm amidst the chaos-
a possibility?
People without panic
upon a living sea...

personal reaction unto
'normal' day-to-day...
all of it is possible
but there is just One Way!

His Name is Jesus!
He is the ONLY Way
to make it through every
situation in the day!

What is your situation?
Jesus is The Way!
He has been in whatever situation you are facing, and He is victorious!
He is The Peace that is needed inside and outside of your life.
Call out to Him!
He will respond!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Glory Claim

Morning formulates...another opportunity.
Opportunity to behold.
If you did not see God in the past 24 hours, here are 24 more...if you are reading this!

Softer shades of morning,
before the major heat...
I look to Him Who makes the day
and calls the same 'complete!'
I am caused to see the sights
and glorify His Name...
I am caused to view creation
and its glory claim!

Can you see it, too?
Or do you look at morning as the start of just another day that you dread?
If you are one of those, you are missing an incredible part of life!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Angels about...

Years ago, I used to argue...snicker...not anymore!
Such truth proven yet again this week.
A small trip, returning, two hours from home...stopping to rest...steam coming from under the hood as we park the truck.
Not on the highway, not going 70+mph...angels watching.
Not on the way there, not driving...but as we park in front of a busy store... angels waiting!
The hood is up. Debby & I are watching the engine steam...(but not watching alone!)
"You guys need help?" said he.
After taking us to the parts house, fixing the problem, the angel and his wife flew into the store, and we finished the trip.
Angels about? Always!
"God is so good!"
Did I say that when I raised the hood?
Well.......yes! Because I am (we are) growing more and more accustomed to knowing that God has the answer to the problem we face even before the problem arises.
Do you believe in angels?
Is there an angel(s) about your life?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

You are welcome!

You are welcome in this place,
Lord, make Yourself at ease.
Flow into our very fabric
like a gentle breeze...
there is nothing like Your Presence
see to it that our everything
comes to a greater knowing!

Oh, transport us as You look at us,
Your eyes- they take us far.
The more that we release, the more
we get to where You are;
to that elevation You
have purposed for us all;
to that elevation that
is stellar to Your Call!

You are welcome--You are God,
and we are Yours alone!
The glory of Your Majesty
unto our hearts be known;
the glory of refreshing
necessary for each heart;
the glory of Your Presence,
o my God, how great Thou art!

From us to you

Again, life is.
This time, life is painful...unfair!
One of those times when you wonder if God is even paying attention!
Been there?
But I know that in

A painful situation,
invisible I'm not.
No matter the occurrence,
His attention I have got.
In all of vast creation
He tends to only me;
the apple of His eye
He tells me that I be.

I do not understand.
His all do I command.
How do I merit love
He is so abounding of?!

He is paying attention.
You cannot understand it now. You will eventually...or not.
Time from now, it might be clear and you will see how right now applies to His purpose for you even living!
Because He is doing this to us, that's how I know.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Occupying Peace

Peace. Oh, what a feeling it is!
It is a feeling money cannot buy.
But it has to be more than a feeling!
Too many folks think that once they are comfortable and have $______, they will have peace.
It does not work that way!
You must have peace before you have $_____, or you will have no peace regardless of how much $$$ you have!
Something money cannot buy.
Something far greater than a feeling.
Do you have it?

"Walking with You slowly
regardless of the pace...
Spending time in silence in
the middle of the race...
letting You determine
what I do and where I go
assures the finish line is something
I will surely know!

Oh the peace that is, no matter
what my station be;
"enough" is certain, yet I surely
know abundancy!
"Never as the world knows,"
but greater, Lord, by far,
is the love, the peace and the
prosperity You are!!

This I know, Lord, of a truth,
that I have yet to lack!
I look at everything we are,
and never I look back!
Too, I look to that ahead
known just to You and I,
what sweet assuring promise of
that peace to occupy!"

Occupying peace.
That means you are at peace no matter what is going on.
That means that you have peace no matter what you have. (Or do not have.)
In Jesus Christ that peace is available.
"Prosperity Gospel?" NO! Proven truth!
Go for it!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

But Life Is!

Glory and praise and honor to You!
You alone are God!
I trust in not another, Lord,
all other would be flawed!
You are God alone, You come
along and strengthen me;
You are God alone, Lord, and
not any other be!!

You cause the rain to fall upon
the unjust and the just.
Though destruction come by such,
in You alone I trust!
Though calamity arrive
Sovereign You remain;
You protect, You provide,
o let me not complain!

Disaster on me, o my God,
but You will make a way!
I have lost so much, but life
is in me yet this day!
Glory praise and honor to You,
You alone are God!
and You will order steps, even
if I see them as flawed!

The earthquake...the flood...the tornado...
But I am still alive to see recall them and the grace of God that preserves me through them.
Cling to the grace of God!
No other way to withstand this life!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Where does it end?
How far will ______ go before I realize that it is coming between God and I?
But how can it be an "addiction" if it is enjoyable and hurts no one?
Even other people enjoy it.
Even other people enjoy mine.
How can it be sin?
It's not illegal.
It's available everywhere!!
You don't even have to be 21 to buy it.
You don't even have to be 18 to buy it!
Other people are even happy to get it for me as a gift...
Then why do I lie to obtain it?
Why do I get upset when I cannot get it for myself?
Where does it end?
Addictions are only for illegal stuff!
Addictions are only for those people who look like they are addicts!
No! It can't be an addiction!
I know! Let's call it a "Hobby."
Yea, that's it! Call it a "Hobby."
Everyone has one of those.
Where does it end?
Would my wife call it that?
Would my kids call it that?
Would my Pastor call it that?
Where does it end?

Friday, July 9, 2010

All One of Them

In a secret place
where nothing will distract.
The deepest of emotion
this locale to exact.
All due to the Occupant
Who calls my being here:
the One Who saves my very soul
His Presence is so near...
His Presence is so clear...
His Presence is so dear!

In a secret place...
It must be a place we go to often!
First, however, we must communicate with the Holy Spirit. He is our Escort into that place where is only the Lord and yourself...that precious Presence. Then are we ready for that Secret Place where communing of a higher level takes place.
Communing with Jesus Christ...
communing with the Holy Spirit...
communing with Father God...
communing with all One of Them!
Have you been there? It is so wonderful!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


raining off and on...
writing as fast as I can...

My strength is not in anything
that mortal man can see;
I must only call His Name,
and strengthened I will be!
When I am in the valley after
I have given all,
I know Who is my strength:
The Name of Jesus Christ I call!
I know the Name of Jesus,
I know Who is the Man,
I call upon the God He is
just because I can!
Stronger He than anything
a scribe could bring to verse,
the whole of man that is myself
into Him I immerse!

O the healing, o the strength
that is the Lord to me!
Dependent on no element,
unlimited is He!
And more the victor I become
as He repairs the man
receiving of the arms of Him
and marvelling such span!

Raining off and on?
But the strength of my God rains upon us even more!

Monday, July 5, 2010


How does that sound?!
However, did you know that The Bible instructs us to be so bold when we come to the throne sometimes and when we pray?
Another 'plus' I have on my side: where I live! I am so blessed to live HERE! I have so much as I live here...

Oh give me what I have than all
the riches known to man!
I do not have a fortune, no;
but this I know: I CAN!
However, unto most of men
a fortune I possess,
as I am in a country called
AMERICA--God bless!

O give me all I have than all
that men desire, yes,
that I may take the lion's share
unto the world and bless!
I have so much, I can afford
to give it all away,
because I know He will replace it
in His time and way.

O give me all I have and I
will spend it all right here
in my beloved America,
the land I hold so dear!
I'll spend it as the Holy Spirit
speaks unto my heart!
O give me what I have,
for I have much! "HOW GREAT THOU ART!"

Be so bold when You are with God! You do have the right.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

"What Price Freedom?"

so the thought again
before I celebrate...
to know the fullness of it-
is the task too very great?
I give a couple days a year
while others gIve their all;
I answer with a holiday
while others heed the call.

But I can have a holiday
BECAUSE they gave their all!!
And I will not let "fireworks"
totally enthrall!
I will give thought unto the task
of garnering such right,
and to the ones continuing
in freedom's constant fight!

Too great a task to ponder what
we celebrate while free?
But look at what my Savior did
to free the soul of me!
He is the One I thank the most
while fireworks explode!
He is atop that list of
everybody that is owed.

America the beautiful,
America the freed!
One nation under God, we are

America, indeed!!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Independence Day

Across the bay once more...
"...Seven and fourscore..."
I ponder while the bombs burst in the air.
We celebrate we're free
with liberality
in ways that really are beyond compare!
But greater that mere noise,
each one of us enjoys
KNOWING that our freedom is not free!
That truth affects once more,
right here, upon the shore,
while glorifying God that we yet be!

Independence Day-
the Truth, the Life, the Way
is at the core of what we celebrate!
We celebrate His ways

and give Him holy praise
for keeping us a land so good and great!!

Wherever you happen to be this weekend, thank God that you have independence!
(I know that there are those of you reading this in a place where you do not savor the blessing that we know, but you can celebrate the freedom that You have in Jesus. I cannot imagine living like you do, but please do your best knowing that we are praying for you.)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Out of Balance

"You breathe clouds into existence
right before my eyes...
they reach out across the skies
as if to exercise...
for I cannot accomplish this,
false be all my wise...
for You are God.

The sun plays hide-and-seek,
so strong and never weak,
formations so unique,
for You are God!

Life is fascinated one more time.
The poet scrambles e'er to capture rhyme!
The wise again, to one more level climb
for You are God!

All the while, at life, man scrambles on...
How often will he notice such a dawn?!
The glory, though, will certainly go on,