Monday, June 14, 2010

Thy Rest

The day has been so very long,
my soul desires rest.
I come unto my precious Lord,
the One Who gives it best!
For He is the panacea

of my very soul:
His touch, alone, upon my life
does make all things whole.
Nothing else can give to me
what I get from His touch:
comfort to my very bones
and peace, so very much!
He knows exactly what to do,
all I must do is ask;
the second-same that I do call
does He begin the task!

If only everybody had
that Savior that I do,
the world would be a better place
to live, for that is true!
Ah, but He's available
for everybody, yes!
Why more do not submit to Him
is anybody's guess!

Do you?

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