Friday, June 11, 2010

That is why...

We seek reasons for everything that happens.
We demand reasons for everything that is going on!

I try so hard to set my face
and demonstrate to men
that I am in complete control
and free from any sin!
And though in my own humanness
I sometimes fail His Name,
my Lord will stay right by my side,
and that is why He came...

Though in myself I try to live
according to His Word,
He knew that I would need a way
whenever sin occurred;
He took it all upon Himself
to then be crucified
so an escape would this man have-
and that is why He died...

One more battle yet to fight,
one enemy to go;
this one only took three days,
it happened down below.
Freedom from death, hell and the grave
this final victory gives,
provided free to one and all,
and that is why He lives!

For this is but a dying world
fading more each day.
Temporal He said life would be
for this, our earthly stay.
And so does He prepare a place
to dwell forever in,
with victory eternally

The poet knows better than to demand!
The poet can only record that which is revealed to his heart!
What is the Lord saying to you?
Are you even listening?

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