Friday, June 11, 2010


So much time is spent "on the job."
One of those jobs found me in employ on "3rd shift..." all night long.
With no customers in the store, I found my mind quite often wandering...

Working in the grocery store,
all throughout the night;
I must get done what must get done
before the morning light!
Working with anticipation
that they'll come and shop,
I cannot let the dark of night
allow my work to stop!

The same it is out in the world
for us unto all men:
we must get done what must get done
before He comes again!
Working with anticipation
of that blessed Day,
we must show the world, through us,
the Straight and Narrow Way!

Though thoughts of His assured return
do fill my heart with joy,
assuredly some other things
require my employ:
I must convey unto my world
that darkness won't prevail
if they will step into the Light,
for there they cannot fail!
For though in His Light is our life,
in darkness we must work,
and snares of him who brings the darkness
'round each corner lurk!
But still, if we walk in the Light
the dark will know us not,
and with our vision fixed on Him,
in snares we won't get caught!
So let us look to His return
and live each day with joy;
and let no hindrance have its way
as we're in His employ!

The snares exist. But the power of God is far greater...even in the everyday, even in the mundane...
and the opportunities are there.
Are you available?

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