Monday, June 14, 2010

On Trial

And so I stand on Holy Ground,
my Counsel is the Lord.
I've been accused of many things;
mine answer is implored.

"I'm brought before your humanness,
compassion posted bond,
to give an answer to these counts
and thus do I respond:
I've been accused of righteousness
in an unrighteous world...
of being very patient as
its darts, at me be hurled...
of turning my back on the very
bribery of sin...
of doing my best to make sure
that Satan does not win!
Your honor, unto you I plead,
because of His great love,
guilty in the first degree
to all of the above!
This court was also made aware
that I showed care and love
unto that person on the street
who knew not God above.
'Fellowship with unbelievers'
you say it is called?
'It is offensive unto GOD?'
By this am I appalled!
If God had no part in such things
then I would not be here!
I'd be upon that very street
defeated by my fear!
And I will say about that count
of "that girl" and I:
As I took the time to show
compassion to her cry,
the plaintiffs kept their distance as,
my care they did condemn;
as they schemed evil in their hearts,
I led her unto Him.
So if I'm charged with doing good
unto a world that's not,
submit your verdict now and let
what sentence come that ought.
For I will ever strive for good
until I see His face;
for it is He that works through me.
With that, I rest my case."

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