Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Helper

Years ago, at my grocery store, there was a certain amount of work that I HAD TO get done each day...along with talking to favorite part!
I always found that, no matter how often I got called off of my job, the Lord always enabled me to finish what I had to.
What a faithful Lord...

"Your grace, oh Lord, has carried me
through yet another day.
You have prevailed yet again;
my Lord, what can I say?
You met my need, gave me work,
and helped me get it done;
and in the midst, Lord, of it all
is Jesus Christ, Your Son!
For as I got called here and there
to do some other things,
You granted to me that assurance
that Your Spirit brings.
Assurance that, as I helped others,
You'd help me with mine,
and when time came to get it done
there was that power divine!
And in the back of my mind, Lord,
all throughout the day,
Your love and Holy Spirit, Lord,
they are my hope and stay!
Your love, to make sure that, in crowds,
I never am alone;
Your Holy Spirit bringing peace
down from Your mighty throne!
Thank You, Father, once again
for all You've done today;
and help me to stay constantly
upon Your Narrow Way;
help me to do, continually,
what You want me to do
as I go through each day, oh Lord,
rejoicing e'er in You!"

If you are one of the fortunate to have a job these days, be thankful! Too, do all that you do as unto the Lord. He will help you.

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