Saturday, June 26, 2010

More than a Book!

Glory to God, He sends me fresh manna daily as I open His Word. If I take His Word and say "Today, I will learn something new and fresh," He is always faithful to provide!
Too many say that it is "Just a storybook written years ago..." If you approach it that way, you'll get a wonderful story, but there is so much more!
Let the Holy Spirit guide you as you reads those words.

More than "...words upon a page...,"
intelligence, bar none!
More than "several writers," they are
prophets used of One!
And so much more than "just a book...,"
a living Being, yea;
and of a truth do I take heed
to what He has to say!

The only One infallible,
again, the only One!
I partake of daily as
admonished by His Son!
And I know that the only way
this servant will succeed
is to call the Father,
part the pages and just read!

Oh, and faithful to the Word
must this man be each day
if I am to walk smoothly down
the Straight and Narrow Way.
"So will I be!" this the cry
of but a humble heart;
from the holy Word of God
I never shall depart!

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