Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just Another Warning?

The world as we know shall soon
dissolve and disappear;
that which we cling so dearly to
cannot be grounded here!
No riches of this place shall last
the turbulence ahead!
The greatest One to which I cling:
The Firstborn of the Dead!!

Oh, the Greatest, Christ the Lord
and all that He provides!
I shall depend upon His love,
into Him, I'll abide!
He is the great solidity
through that which is ahead!
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
the Firstborn of the Dead!

Oh, the greatest--Jesus Christ.
Is He the greatest in Your life? HE HAS TO BE!
Is this just another "woe is me" message? NO!
It is statement of reality.
Serving the Lord is not just goosebumps and hallelujahs!
It must involve informing those around us that they MUST be born again!
Therefore, I tell YOU, you must be born again!!
The blood of Jesus is the only way!
Are you there yet?

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