Thursday, June 24, 2010

He remains God...

No matter how bad I feel, I am chosen.
I am in God no matter how I feel or what my health is!
No matter what my health makes that person think of my God, He remains God, and I remain His!
God can defend Himself, I don't need to.
Besides, He remains beyond my explanation! I can only accept that He is God, He is MY God, and He knows what is best.

You are far beyond all explanation.
You are God alone, no other be!
You speak and all things come into creation.
You choose what we can and cannot see!
You decide Your own and all their moments;
nothing of their lives escapes Your wise...
You decide when You will take them home and
You prepare their mansions 'yond the skies!

Are you one of the chosen? How do you know?
God has already decided that you should be one of His children.
YOU must decide if you want to submit to His decision.
Either way, He remains God.

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