Friday, June 18, 2010

Greater Realms

This world is full of "busy-ness."
"places to go...people to see..." But when it is all said and done, I look forward to when

Greater realms again abduct the wonder
escorting it so very far away...
lightning bolts transport beyond the thunder
to where there is no longer any day!
The tongue no longer has a gainful purpose
save for a dialect that fits this place:
I cannot put it down upon a paper,
oh, but I communicate with grace!

Greater realms again contain my presence
until I must return to that so real.
I shall enjoy the moment with the Spirit
though impossible for to reveal!
In the Presence of Him--Holy Spirit,
with my Father and His only Son,
I shall eat and drink until that moment
when He says "My child, it is done."

It is done. Yes, come quickly, moment when that "busy-ness" is finished and He transports me!
But until then, there is a place where is only He and I. He understands me completely.
He has a place for you, as well.

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