Friday, June 4, 2010


Almighty God!
Glorious King of Kings!
Worthy of all my time!
Worthy of all my He is the One entrusting ANY and all skills that I possess!

Glory and honor and praise to Him
possessive of the Throne!
He is the God of all and I
give Him mine all and own!
Worthy is no other of
my self, my time, my skill...
for I commit to Him mine all,
submissive to His will!

Crown Him who is the only King
that I would crown in life!
The glory of His Majesty
is riveting and rife!
No basis, no comparison
as He is stellar-most!
Beside Him is no other!
Not another thing may boast!!

Glory, praise and honor to Him,
Jesus, Lord and King!
The power in the Blood He shed
has sealed everything!
Omnipotent the signet that
is used to consecrate!
All others to be "second-best"
to Jesus Christ the great!

"Jesus Christ the Great!"
He is so worthy of that title!! Does He have that position in your life?
What is it that is keeping Him off of the throne of your life?
Who is it keeping Him off of the throne of your life?
"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and then all else shall be added unto you!"

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