Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Different Harmony

"...And once again my color skin
has, repercussion, brought.
I fought, with love, to rise above,
has it been for naught?
Traditions learned cannot be spurned
by those set in their ways...
I wish them guys would realize
these ain't the olden days!
Yet for the things the world flings
reward awaits above,
there to claim from Him Whose Name
is Mercy, Peace and Love.
So pleased to find He's colorblind
was I Salvation's day;
and from my youth, from that blest Truth,
I would not ever stray!

Jesus' blood, that precious flood,
knows not a class or race!
'Tis unto all who choose to call
and bow an humbled face!
That there would be much more like He,
(that is, colorblind,)
the harmony that then would be...
may this be soon to find!"

Harmony. What does it mean?
Is it something that is only practiced "in church?"
I have met some that are that way. It hurts!
Is it something that even needs to be addressed again?
No? Then why is it not visible more?

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