Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Day is us.
There is One to whom day is never done. He doesn't have to have a concept of time, nor be constrained to it, because He is greater than time.
In fact, He is far and above any and all limits known.
He is God.

"You are greater than all wisdom,
all of knowledge, too.
Intelligence approaches You
to seek what it should do!
When such is then established it
remains in Your submission;
nothing is availed to man
apart from Your permission.

You are God.
The greatness of Your person shall not
ever be attained!
Yet, access to Your greatness, God,
by such as we, is gained!
The love that You have for us,
(love that can't be understood,)
it be the very access to You-
God, so very good!

You are God!
You give us so many avenues to relate to You.
You give us endless opportunities to turn to You.
You give us...
You are a patient God. Is that why time seems to be of little importance to You? Because You know it takes some of us so long to admit that You are?"

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