Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Right now is before...
before that trip...
before that dr. appt...
before you go to work...whatever.
What must be done before?
I must make sure that whatever comes next is girded with PRAYER!
For some reason, whatever the day contains goes better, easier, more fruitful when I pray about it first.
You should really try it!

Another day ahead,
fresh opportunity
for Jesus Christ to bless
the living that will be!
His Presence surely is,
His ways, they surely are,
but will he be acknowledged or
will He be kept afar?

Oh, realize His Presence,
invite Him to the day!
Cry out unto Him "You are
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"
The Road, for it is Narrow,
but there is room for two
as long as Jesus, Lord and King,
is walking next to you!

Walking next to you. Is He?
He wants to be!
Call out the Name of Jesus and let Him lead the way.

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