Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yes, again, the battle...
Everyone is fighting some type of battle.
You are fighting something. I may be fighting something completely different. Our battles are no greater than each other's. We are all in this together.
Some days, we arrive at the end of the day rather battered.
Of a truth, we are invited to turn the battle over to Him because HE IS ABLE! However, we must yet be warriors in HIS battle.
At the end of my day, there is a place I look forward to going.
Let me tell you about it...

Retreating once again unto
the arms that hold me tight.
Here do I so draw when I
cannot withstand the fight.
When I call out His Holy Name,
the battle His becomes:
the mighty fortress of the Lord
whence no one e'er succumbs!

"Here am I, oh Father.
You're my strength, You are my shield!
My buckler in this battle, Lord,
to no one You shall yield!
And against You, ne'er has been
a power that could stand!
I celebrate now victory,
for it is in Your hand!"

Victory yet once again,
it's mine through Christ the Son!
The same He is Who, every other
such offensive, won!
And the same who will be there
to fight what is ahead:
the One begotten Son of God,
the Firstborn of the dead!!

Got a battle?
Who is fighting it for you?
Give it to Jesus. He is already THE Winner.

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