Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yes, again, the battle...
Everyone is fighting some type of battle.
You are fighting something. I may be fighting something completely different. Our battles are no greater than each other's. We are all in this together.
Some days, we arrive at the end of the day rather battered.
Of a truth, we are invited to turn the battle over to Him because HE IS ABLE! However, we must yet be warriors in HIS battle.
At the end of my day, there is a place I look forward to going.
Let me tell you about it...

Retreating once again unto
the arms that hold me tight.
Here do I so draw when I
cannot withstand the fight.
When I call out His Holy Name,
the battle His becomes:
the mighty fortress of the Lord
whence no one e'er succumbs!

"Here am I, oh Father.
You're my strength, You are my shield!
My buckler in this battle, Lord,
to no one You shall yield!
And against You, ne'er has been
a power that could stand!
I celebrate now victory,
for it is in Your hand!"

Victory yet once again,
it's mine through Christ the Son!
The same He is Who, every other
such offensive, won!
And the same who will be there
to fight what is ahead:
the One begotten Son of God,
the Firstborn of the dead!!

Got a battle?
Who is fighting it for you?
Give it to Jesus. He is already THE Winner.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just Another Warning?

The world as we know shall soon
dissolve and disappear;
that which we cling so dearly to
cannot be grounded here!
No riches of this place shall last
the turbulence ahead!
The greatest One to which I cling:
The Firstborn of the Dead!!

Oh, the Greatest, Christ the Lord
and all that He provides!
I shall depend upon His love,
into Him, I'll abide!
He is the great solidity
through that which is ahead!
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
the Firstborn of the Dead!

Oh, the greatest--Jesus Christ.
Is He the greatest in Your life? HE HAS TO BE!
Is this just another "woe is me" message? NO!
It is statement of reality.
Serving the Lord is not just goosebumps and hallelujahs!
It must involve informing those around us that they MUST be born again!
Therefore, I tell YOU, you must be born again!!
The blood of Jesus is the only way!
Are you there yet?

A Different Harmony

"...And once again my color skin
has, repercussion, brought.
I fought, with love, to rise above,
has it been for naught?
Traditions learned cannot be spurned
by those set in their ways...
I wish them guys would realize
these ain't the olden days!
Yet for the things the world flings
reward awaits above,
there to claim from Him Whose Name
is Mercy, Peace and Love.
So pleased to find He's colorblind
was I Salvation's day;
and from my youth, from that blest Truth,
I would not ever stray!

Jesus' blood, that precious flood,
knows not a class or race!
'Tis unto all who choose to call
and bow an humbled face!
That there would be much more like He,
(that is, colorblind,)
the harmony that then would be...
may this be soon to find!"

Harmony. What does it mean?
Is it something that is only practiced "in church?"
I have met some that are that way. It hurts!
Is it something that even needs to be addressed again?
No? Then why is it not visible more?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

More than a Book!

Glory to God, He sends me fresh manna daily as I open His Word. If I take His Word and say "Today, I will learn something new and fresh," He is always faithful to provide!
Too many say that it is "Just a storybook written years ago..." If you approach it that way, you'll get a wonderful story, but there is so much more!
Let the Holy Spirit guide you as you reads those words.

More than "...words upon a page...,"
intelligence, bar none!
More than "several writers," they are
prophets used of One!
And so much more than "just a book...,"
a living Being, yea;
and of a truth do I take heed
to what He has to say!

The only One infallible,
again, the only One!
I partake of daily as
admonished by His Son!
And I know that the only way
this servant will succeed
is to call the Father,
part the pages and just read!

Oh, and faithful to the Word
must this man be each day
if I am to walk smoothly down
the Straight and Narrow Way.
"So will I be!" this the cry
of but a humble heart;
from the holy Word of God
I never shall depart!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

He remains God...

No matter how bad I feel, I am chosen.
I am in God no matter how I feel or what my health is!
No matter what my health makes that person think of my God, He remains God, and I remain His!
God can defend Himself, I don't need to.
Besides, He remains beyond my explanation! I can only accept that He is God, He is MY God, and He knows what is best.

You are far beyond all explanation.
You are God alone, no other be!
You speak and all things come into creation.
You choose what we can and cannot see!
You decide Your own and all their moments;
nothing of their lives escapes Your wise...
You decide when You will take them home and
You prepare their mansions 'yond the skies!

Are you one of the chosen? How do you know?
God has already decided that you should be one of His children.
YOU must decide if you want to submit to His decision.
Either way, He remains God.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Day is done...to us.
There is One to whom day is never done. He doesn't have to have a concept of time, nor be constrained to it, because He is greater than time.
In fact, He is far and above any and all limits known.
He is God.

"You are greater than all wisdom,
all of knowledge, too.
Intelligence approaches You
to seek what it should do!
When such is then established it
remains in Your submission;
nothing is availed to man
apart from Your permission.

You are God.
The greatness of Your person shall not
ever be attained!
Yet, access to Your greatness, God,
by such as we, is gained!
The love that You have for us,
(love that can't be understood,)
it be the very access to You-
God, so very good!

You are God!
You give us so many avenues to relate to You.
You give us endless opportunities to turn to You.
You give us...
You are a patient God. Is that why time seems to be of little importance to You? Because You know it takes some of us so long to admit that You are?"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's Time

A hero in the home--to
my family and to me...
a hero in the service--
on the land and on the sea...
Daddy--he continues to
be great in this man's sight,
and any time I spend with him
is always a delight!

I spend time on the phone with him
and learn in conversation...
I spend time looking back as he
"fixed" every situation...
I spend time hearing wisdom that
he speaks with just his hands...
I spend time looking at his eyes
that give yet great commands!
But more, the time he spends on us
that continues yet;
for myself and many, a great
Father's Day WE get!

Daddy, Happy Father's Day
from multitudes and I.
You touch so very many lives
as our times go by.
But greatest be your touch upon
this son and daughter, too;
so feel this "Happy Father's Day"
and the love we have for you!

I love you, Daddy!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Greater Realms

This world is full of "busy-ness."
"places to go...people to see..." But when it is all said and done, I look forward to when

Greater realms again abduct the wonder
escorting it so very far away...
lightning bolts transport beyond the thunder
to where there is no longer any day!
The tongue no longer has a gainful purpose
save for a dialect that fits this place:
I cannot put it down upon a paper,
oh, but I communicate with grace!

Greater realms again contain my presence
until I must return to that so real.
I shall enjoy the moment with the Spirit
though impossible for to reveal!
In the Presence of Him--Holy Spirit,
with my Father and His only Son,
I shall eat and drink until that moment
when He says "My child, it is done."

It is done. Yes, come quickly, moment when that "busy-ness" is finished and He transports me!
But until then, there is a place where is only He and I. He understands me completely.
He has a place for you, as well.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Appointments...phone calls...promises...promises...promises...
But what about when it all falls through?

Another setback now upon us
but will I press on.
Soon and very soon I know
the victory will dawn!
He said it would be like this, yes,
He made that very clear...
all the more to look unto
the day when He'll be here!

And do I anticipate
that blessed time ahead!
I'll trade this place's schedules for
eternity instead!
I'll trade the toils of this place
for dancing at the Throne,
and I will spend my precious time
on Jesus Christ alone!

"So be it, oh Father, come now,
hasten pace His flight!
Come and take Your Bride, lord,
make the honeymoon tonight!
I've had enough of this place, yes,
I need no more of here!
The moment of Your coming does
my being persevere!!

What do you tell someone when it seems the rug has just been jerked out from underneath them?
Sometimes, the only thing to do is let the moments pass until "talk" is restored.
That is so difficult for loved ones watching it!
Pray for us.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thy Rest

The day has been so very long,
my soul desires rest.
I come unto my precious Lord,
the One Who gives it best!
For He is the panacea

of my very soul:
His touch, alone, upon my life
does make all things whole.
Nothing else can give to me
what I get from His touch:
comfort to my very bones
and peace, so very much!
He knows exactly what to do,
all I must do is ask;
the second-same that I do call
does He begin the task!

If only everybody had
that Savior that I do,
the world would be a better place
to live, for that is true!
Ah, but He's available
for everybody, yes!
Why more do not submit to Him
is anybody's guess!

Do you?

On Trial

And so I stand on Holy Ground,
my Counsel is the Lord.
I've been accused of many things;
mine answer is implored.

"I'm brought before your humanness,
compassion posted bond,
to give an answer to these counts
and thus do I respond:
I've been accused of righteousness
in an unrighteous world...
of being very patient as
its darts, at me be hurled...
of turning my back on the very
bribery of sin...
of doing my best to make sure
that Satan does not win!
Your honor, unto you I plead,
because of His great love,
guilty in the first degree
to all of the above!
This court was also made aware
that I showed care and love
unto that person on the street
who knew not God above.
'Fellowship with unbelievers'
you say it is called?
'It is offensive unto GOD?'
By this am I appalled!
If God had no part in such things
then I would not be here!
I'd be upon that very street
defeated by my fear!
And I will say about that count
of "that girl" and I:
As I took the time to show
compassion to her cry,
the plaintiffs kept their distance as,
my care they did condemn;
as they schemed evil in their hearts,
I led her unto Him.
So if I'm charged with doing good
unto a world that's not,
submit your verdict now and let
what sentence come that ought.
For I will ever strive for good
until I see His face;
for it is He that works through me.
With that, I rest my case."

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Helper

Years ago, at my grocery store, there was a certain amount of work that I HAD TO get done each day...along with talking to customers...my favorite part!
I always found that, no matter how often I got called off of my job, the Lord always enabled me to finish what I had to.
What a faithful Lord...

"Your grace, oh Lord, has carried me
through yet another day.
You have prevailed yet again;
my Lord, what can I say?
You met my need, gave me work,
and helped me get it done;
and in the midst, Lord, of it all
is Jesus Christ, Your Son!
For as I got called here and there
to do some other things,
You granted to me that assurance
that Your Spirit brings.
Assurance that, as I helped others,
You'd help me with mine,
and when time came to get it done
there was that power divine!
And in the back of my mind, Lord,
all throughout the day,
Your love and Holy Spirit, Lord,
they are my hope and stay!
Your love, to make sure that, in crowds,
I never am alone;
Your Holy Spirit bringing peace
down from Your mighty throne!
Thank You, Father, once again
for all You've done today;
and help me to stay constantly
upon Your Narrow Way;
help me to do, continually,
what You want me to do
as I go through each day, oh Lord,
rejoicing e'er in You!"

If you are one of the fortunate to have a job these days, be thankful! Too, do all that you do as unto the Lord. He will help you.

Friday, June 11, 2010


So much time is spent "on the job."
One of those jobs found me in employ on "3rd shift..." all night long.
With no customers in the store, I found my mind quite often wandering...

Working in the grocery store,
all throughout the night;
I must get done what must get done
before the morning light!
Working with anticipation
that they'll come and shop,
I cannot let the dark of night
allow my work to stop!

The same it is out in the world
for us unto all men:
we must get done what must get done
before He comes again!
Working with anticipation
of that blessed Day,
we must show the world, through us,
the Straight and Narrow Way!

Though thoughts of His assured return
do fill my heart with joy,
assuredly some other things
require my employ:
I must convey unto my world
that darkness won't prevail
if they will step into the Light,
for there they cannot fail!
For though in His Light is our life,
in darkness we must work,
and snares of him who brings the darkness
'round each corner lurk!
But still, if we walk in the Light
the dark will know us not,
and with our vision fixed on Him,
in snares we won't get caught!
So let us look to His return
and live each day with joy;
and let no hindrance have its way
as we're in His employ!

The snares exist. But the power of God is far greater...even in the everyday, even in the mundane...
and the opportunities are there.
Are you available?

That is why...

We seek reasons for everything that happens.
We demand reasons for everything that is going on!

I try so hard to set my face
and demonstrate to men
that I am in complete control
and free from any sin!
And though in my own humanness
I sometimes fail His Name,
my Lord will stay right by my side,
and that is why He came...

Though in myself I try to live
according to His Word,
He knew that I would need a way
whenever sin occurred;
He took it all upon Himself
to then be crucified
so an escape would this man have-
and that is why He died...

One more battle yet to fight,
one enemy to go;
this one only took three days,
it happened down below.
Freedom from death, hell and the grave
this final victory gives,
provided free to one and all,
and that is why He lives!

For this is but a dying world
fading more each day.
Temporal He said life would be
for this, our earthly stay.
And so does He prepare a place
to dwell forever in,
with victory eternally

The poet knows better than to demand!
The poet can only record that which is revealed to his heart!
What is the Lord saying to you?
Are you even listening?

Friday, June 4, 2010


Almighty God!
Glorious King of Kings!
Worthy of all my time!
Worthy of all my talents...as He is the One entrusting ANY and all skills that I possess!

Glory and honor and praise to Him
possessive of the Throne!
He is the God of all and I
give Him mine all and own!
Worthy is no other of
my self, my time, my skill...
for I commit to Him mine all,
submissive to His will!

Crown Him who is the only King
that I would crown in life!
The glory of His Majesty
is riveting and rife!
No basis, no comparison
as He is stellar-most!
Beside Him is no other!
Not another thing may boast!!

Glory, praise and honor to Him,
Jesus, Lord and King!
The power in the Blood He shed
has sealed everything!
Omnipotent the signet that
is used to consecrate!
All others to be "second-best"
to Jesus Christ the great!

"Jesus Christ the Great!"
He is so worthy of that title!! Does He have that position in your life?
What is it that is keeping Him off of the throne of your life?
Who is it keeping Him off of the throne of your life?
"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and then all else shall be added unto you!"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Right now is before...
before that trip...
before that dr. appt...
before you go to work...whatever.
What must be done before?
I must make sure that whatever comes next is girded with PRAYER!
For some reason, whatever the day contains goes better, easier, more fruitful when I pray about it first.
You should really try it!

Another day ahead,
fresh opportunity
for Jesus Christ to bless
the living that will be!
His Presence surely is,
His ways, they surely are,
but will he be acknowledged or
will He be kept afar?

Oh, realize His Presence,
invite Him to the day!
Cry out unto Him "You are
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"
The Road, for it is Narrow,
but there is room for two
as long as Jesus, Lord and King,
is walking next to you!

Walking next to you. Is He?
He wants to be!
Call out the Name of Jesus and let Him lead the way.