Sunday, May 30, 2010


I continue see the glory
due great sacrifice...
I continue savor freedom because
someone paid a price!
I expect to know that freedom due to
bought security
and all of this provided by
someone unknown to me.
Someone volunteering to
defend us over there...
someone somewhere in some branch
drafted unaware...
'cause someone sacrificed it all,
returning nevermore,
we all enjoy America
from shore to shining shore!

Someone...we all know a person
by that very name.
and that they go uncelebrated
by a wretched shame!
Celebrate a someone as
we celebrate them all;
someone gave their years afar,
while someone gave their all.

See the glory of freedom? Then glory to God, you are alive!
There is someone around you that has seen a war in which very little was glorious! They have paid for your privilege to see that glory!
Honor them!

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