Sunday, May 23, 2010


So wonderful...
NOTHING can affect that which we allow.
The glory of His majesty is far and above circumstance...situation...station.
Look...and see Him!
Listen...and hear Him!
Beholding the Lord in all His glory must be done on a personal level before we can savor Him together.
I have to meet Jesus in my heart before I can truly join my heart with others in true fellowship.
Is that something that you desire as well?
Look, there He is...

The splendor of His majesty
is more than word to me!
The glory of His holiness
is something I can see!
The accord I have with Him...
can any understand?!
He looks into my eyes as He
is reaching out His hand!
Can any else behold or am I
single in His sight?
Are there any others that
would share in such delight!
His glory is so beautiful,
so personal, so real!
Something I can see and hear,
and something I can feel!

Look again! But can't you see
the glory of it all?!
Listen! Can't you hear the song
upon the ear to fall?!
REACH OUT! I dare you, take the hand
of Him Whose Name is 'Love,'
He is right there, inviting you
into His courts above!!

Into His courts above.
Into ways that are higher than your own.
What will you do with the invitation?

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