Sunday, May 9, 2010


"She ruled with an iron hand..."
Too often, when I ask a group or class what a parent was like as they grew up, a 'negative' is rendered.
Too often, the same be truth.
Too often, the accounts of a blessed childhood go untold.
This writer is one of those blessed, and I refuse to be silenced!!
My mother got things accomplished with her children with a very firm hand.
A rod of iron? In the eyes of a child perhaps.
But looking back, I can see how blessed the three of us were the the discipline she used was quite effective: look at us now.
I guess the greatest tool in mom and dad's "woodshed" was love. I did not fear the "rod" or punishment as much as I feared the look of pain and disappointment in their faces.
Is it that way today? Is it any different "obeying God?" It's not that I have the "freedom of forgivenes," it's that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me and I love Him so much that I desire to obey Him.
I have access to so much of what this world deems "riches." A lot of it has no accountability save for my own integrity. What keeps me from "enjoying" some of it for myself? I have no desire to! That has been instilled in me by a mother who deserves more honor than one Sunday annually! That has been instilled in me by a Heavenly Father Who provides far greater riches than anything I can swipe!
Rambling on? Maybe...
I just want to make sure that my mother, (and the world,) knows how valuable she is, and how fortunate I am to have been raised by her hand.
(I have so very often seen her with an iron in her hand, but I never saw her use it as a rod!)

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