Thursday, May 27, 2010


The power and the glory
let nevermore distract!
At the Name of Jesus, every
living thing react!
Reacting to the wonder and
the splendor of Lord...
reacting to supremacy
to no one else afford!
But power and all glory, can it
reach the soul of man?
Beyond the spectacle, there is
One great redemption plan!
Dare to look upon Him and
not see the greatest love?
Dare to look beyond affections
He is bounding of?!

The power and the glory...
the mercy and affection!
Man alone to know His grace
and savor His protection!
"O man, react unto Him as
the moments, they are few!
THE Power and THE Glory--
let Him, the soul renew!"

God is high and holy Creator of all!
But don't forget that He is meek and lowly Lover of all...especially you!
As you gaze at the awe and wonder of creation, don't lose sight of the fact that You are viewing it with the One Who loves you more than anything...your Father God!

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