Monday, May 31, 2010


Where is the Stars and Stripes today?
It's draped across the bier...
half-way on the mast it waves
with them respectful here...
How many are the families
that this day would not touch?
But an entire way of life
attributed to such!

My neighbor is affected by
the loss of a brother...
a friend is recollecting of
the sewing of his mother...
one at church had a father
in the National Guard...
someone over there...
and it goes on...and it gets hard...

One day alone Memorial?
"NO WAY," the heart cries out!
It IS a day of celebration!
Make the heart to shout!
Appreciation unto them
obedient to call;
we take time to remember you--
heroes, one and all!

Memorial Day?
But take that name that this day brings to your heart and make it that Day:
Grandpa Busby Day...
Uncle John Day...
Every one of you have a name to put into this day.
Celebrate them. They deserve it!

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