Monday, May 17, 2010

Meeting me

We have an appointment. Each one of us.
Being on time is important, but secondary to this meeting.
The most important thing is to realize the place when you are there, and the One who set up the meeting...

You are present in this place,
Holy is Your Name.
Your dwelling Place is beautiful,
I am so glad I came!
You met me at the door, You took
my burden off of me...
in this place of rest it is
Your glory that I see!

In the Presence, in the glory
You are God, so real!
You take us in embrace and there
is nothing to conceal.
You are so holy, Father God,
and holy we become
as we meet You in this place...
faithful, God, we come.

Oh so present in this place
and faithful--it is You.
We gather in Your holy Name
and render praises due:
praise for Your attending us
and being all-in-all;
oh, so fortunate are we
to answer to Your call!

To answer the call? But to recognize the call in the first place!
Listen. He WILL call!

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