Sunday, May 16, 2010


"Glorious God!"
With excitement I cry out!
With expectation I cry out!
With assurance I cry out!
How come?
Do I expect with assurance and excitement, knowing He will respond because it's me?
He responds to a willing heart out of grace...

"Glorious God, You are holy,
You are wonderful and kind!
I cry out in whatever state,
Your Presence I to find;
You are holy, You are mighty,
You are lowly, too,
so that such as I may have
relationship with You!

Glorious God, You are mighty,
here You come again;
calling me to carry Your word
unto all of men.
Showing them Your love regardless
of their current state;
that they would know that You love them
and they may be great!

Glorious God, You are perfect,
once again affirm;
yet You bow Yourself unto
an understanding term
for to reach the likes of men
and draw them to Your heart;
there, the glory of Your self,
Your graces would impart!"

Glorious God.
In spite of what you have heard, He is knowable.
In spite of what you have been taught, He is touchable.
In spite of your 'tradition,' He loves you personally!
Know Glorious God!
He already knows you!

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