Saturday, May 1, 2010

In Between...

Secure within the Maker,
regardless of the blast;
though He's creator of the same,
security is fast!
No matter what is coming
HE WILL provide a way
to be in His stronghold safe,
secure to ever stay!

For there may come the lightning,
there may come the roar,
there may come the shaking,
the Maker will restore!
There may be tornado,
there may be hurricane,
but through it all the Maker is
and life will surely gain!

The Maker is security,
but far beyond all sight
The ONLY One to Whom one clings,
escaping every fright!
No matter what the moment does,
right now or just beyond,
He is the lone Security
in Whom we are so fond!

The sirens sounded, the lights flickered...some of the people panicked...but there was no damage here that I know of, only some limbs down in the back yard.
That does not mean we are any better than those who lost everything. Some of the ones I was with returned home to storm damage.
It rains on the just and the unjust.
I am writing this in between storms.
Please keep praying for us.

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