Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Praise God!
The peace of God. There is nothing to compare with it!
Tests come. Trials come. Disasters come. The peace of God remains.
However, when we are at peace, when we are thriving, when all of life is going our way, we fail to acknowledge God and the goodness of Him...those things that we so dearly desire and cling to when the opposite is, when life itself opposes us.
Worse, we fail to even acknowledge God at all when everything is favorable.

You are God, and You are worthy
far beyond our state...
You are God, and You are good,
You are so very great!
You are God, Creator God,
and nothing alters that!
O let the gratitude of heart
reach to Your habitat!

You are God when that tornado
runs its total course...
You are God when that disease
comes onto me full-force...
You are God when we receive
the news of what is wrong...
You are God when all is right
and moving right along!

Yes, You are God, and that remains
continuous and true!
Everything that happens is
already known to You!
The good, the bad, the ugly, too,
is certain in Your care;
and we contain security
in knowing YOU ARE THERE!!

Are you secure?
That doctors' report just came in. Are you secure?
The newspaper just came. Are you secure?
You are well and all the bills are paid. Are you secure?
Be desperate for God regardless of emotion!

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