Monday, May 3, 2010

Because of love...

There are so many voices today explaining, warning, selling, YELLING... doing whatever they can to get you into the family of God.
What happened to you?
What was it that caused you to become a Christian?
For this writer, it was the love and the patience of the man I was conversing with that one night. And the conversation was not even about salvation! It was about an event that was happening in the world, and the peace that he had in spite of it!
No matter what it was (or is) that drew you into the Kingdom, the Holy Spirit was behind it. And love was, and is, THE motive!
Jesus said that " man comes to the Father but by Me." That's right, whatever it was that caused you to make that decision, it was the Holy Spirit.
Do you still have that relationship with the Holy Spirit, or is He for "another time?"
God loves you so much. He wants you. He wants you in His fold because He KNOWS that what He has for your life is better than what the world has! He wants the Holy Spirit to be an integral part of your life CONSTANTLY...not for "...back then."

I want the same for you. It's wonderful!
Think about it.

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