Monday, May 31, 2010


Where is the Stars and Stripes today?
It's draped across the bier...
half-way on the mast it waves
with them respectful here...
How many are the families
that this day would not touch?
But an entire way of life
attributed to such!

My neighbor is affected by
the loss of a brother...
a friend is recollecting of
the sewing of his mother...
one at church had a father
in the National Guard...
someone over there...
and it goes on...and it gets hard...

One day alone Memorial?
"NO WAY," the heart cries out!
It IS a day of celebration!
Make the heart to shout!
Appreciation unto them
obedient to call;
we take time to remember you--
heroes, one and all!

Memorial Day?
But take that name that this day brings to your heart and make it that Day:
Grandpa Busby Day...
Uncle John Day...
Every one of you have a name to put into this day.
Celebrate them. They deserve it!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I continue see the glory
due great sacrifice...
I continue savor freedom because
someone paid a price!
I expect to know that freedom due to
bought security
and all of this provided by
someone unknown to me.
Someone volunteering to
defend us over there...
someone somewhere in some branch
drafted unaware...
'cause someone sacrificed it all,
returning nevermore,
we all enjoy America
from shore to shining shore!

Someone...we all know a person
by that very name.
and that they go uncelebrated
by a wretched shame!
Celebrate a someone as
we celebrate them all;
someone gave their years afar,
while someone gave their all.

See the glory of freedom? Then glory to God, you are alive!
There is someone around you that has seen a war in which very little was glorious! They have paid for your privilege to see that glory!
Honor them!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


And now, graduation.
This ceremony, however, is most unceremonious!
Who will attend?
Who was in attendance?
I am certain that the ceremony was NOTHING like what they deserved!
When will the next ceremony be?
We must stable our hearts to be sure that the next ceremony is something worthy of a hero!
It starts one-heart-at-a-time. Right now!

Walking down a street...and then gone...
a single bullet in the early dawn...
A dogfight over skies without a map,
another country calls to fill the gap...
underneath an ocean, ever-stealth...
defending precious freedom, shunning wealth...
crawling through a jungle anywhere...
establishing a border over there...

They have graduated to a life that we only dream about.
They have given their lives so that I can sit here and write this.
They have given their lives so that you can sit there and read this.
What have I given in return?
What CAN I give in return?
One day a year?!
God, forgive me!
"Heavenly Father, thank You for the brave men and women that have given their lives so that I have the freedom to do what I do.
Father, please comfort the families of them that yet go through the pain of loss.
In JESUS' Name,

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Again, the memories.
Do they come and go?
Are they but an emotion to turn on and off?
Tell that to a family member!
Rather, look in the mirror and say it to yourself, because EVERY ONE OF US are affected every day!
Memorial Day.
More than just a day...

"O, say can you see..."
what you've done for such as we?
"My country, 'tis of thee..."
is what you have kept free!
"Oh Beautiful, for spacious skies..."
you served well in defense;
and now, we set one day aside
so you'll have recompense.

Again, each of us are affected by this day:
those who revere it...
those who ignore it...
those who decorate it...
those who desecrate it...all of us.
Every one of us MUST give thanks to those ago who defended America!
God bless each and every one of them. Always!


The power and the glory
let nevermore distract!
At the Name of Jesus, every
living thing react!
Reacting to the wonder and
the splendor of Lord...
reacting to supremacy
to no one else afford!
But power and all glory, can it
reach the soul of man?
Beyond the spectacle, there is
One great redemption plan!
Dare to look upon Him and
not see the greatest love?
Dare to look beyond affections
He is bounding of?!

The power and the glory...
the mercy and affection!
Man alone to know His grace
and savor His protection!
"O man, react unto Him as
the moments, they are few!
THE Power and THE Glory--
let Him, the soul renew!"

God is high and holy Creator of all!
But don't forget that He is meek and lowly Lover of all...especially you!
As you gaze at the awe and wonder of creation, don't lose sight of the fact that You are viewing it with the One Who loves you more than anything...your Father God!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Praise God!
The peace of God. There is nothing to compare with it!
Tests come. Trials come. Disasters come. The peace of God remains.
However, when we are at peace, when we are thriving, when all of life is going our way, we fail to acknowledge God and the goodness of Him...those things that we so dearly desire and cling to when the opposite is, when life itself opposes us.
Worse, we fail to even acknowledge God at all when everything is favorable.

You are God, and You are worthy
far beyond our state...
You are God, and You are good,
You are so very great!
You are God, Creator God,
and nothing alters that!
O let the gratitude of heart
reach to Your habitat!

You are God when that tornado
runs its total course...
You are God when that disease
comes onto me full-force...
You are God when we receive
the news of what is wrong...
You are God when all is right
and moving right along!

Yes, You are God, and that remains
continuous and true!
Everything that happens is
already known to You!
The good, the bad, the ugly, too,
is certain in Your care;
and we contain security
in knowing YOU ARE THERE!!

Are you secure?
That doctors' report just came in. Are you secure?
The newspaper just came. Are you secure?
You are well and all the bills are paid. Are you secure?
Be desperate for God regardless of emotion!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


So wonderful...
NOTHING can affect that which we allow.
The glory of His majesty is far and above circumstance...situation...station.
Look...and see Him!
Listen...and hear Him!
Beholding the Lord in all His glory must be done on a personal level before we can savor Him together.
I have to meet Jesus in my heart before I can truly join my heart with others in true fellowship.
Is that something that you desire as well?
Look, there He is...

The splendor of His majesty
is more than word to me!
The glory of His holiness
is something I can see!
The accord I have with Him...
can any understand?!
He looks into my eyes as He
is reaching out His hand!
Can any else behold or am I
single in His sight?
Are there any others that
would share in such delight!
His glory is so beautiful,
so personal, so real!
Something I can see and hear,
and something I can feel!

Look again! But can't you see
the glory of it all?!
Listen! Can't you hear the song
upon the ear to fall?!
REACH OUT! I dare you, take the hand
of Him Whose Name is 'Love,'
He is right there, inviting you
into His courts above!!

Into His courts above.
Into ways that are higher than your own.
What will you do with the invitation?

Friday, May 21, 2010


Along the endless avenues
fragrances exhume
wafting through the dawning, it's
God's very own perfume!
Each one to remind:
another time, another place...
each one to appoint a subtle
element of grace.

God's very own perfume,
what memories exhume!
A gift unto the senses
as everyday commences!

Whatever they be, savor the flavors of the day before they fade away.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arms of Love

Guidance... Direction... Protection...

The arms of love, they carry me,
waning not at all;
they give to me a strength that i
have not a right to call!

The arms of love, they strengthen me
with what is not my own;
endurance they provide that is
as solid as a Stone!

The arms of love directing me
in ways that He knows best;
if I should bend unto His lead,
I shall be very blessed!

The arms of love--invisibleunto the unaware,
but absolutely evident
to them that know His care.

His care. He is God, and His care is PERFECT!
Seek His care.
Know perfection from arms that never fail!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Life is making music
where Life is orchestrating;
refreshing is a constant!
Glory demonstrating!
God, the Great Conductor
is waving His baton;
though the members come and go,
the piece goes on and on...

The music of life.
Men may deny it. Man may defy it! But God continues to orchestrate life according to His own "arrangement."
You in?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Meeting me

We have an appointment. Each one of us.
Being on time is important, but secondary to this meeting.
The most important thing is to realize the place when you are there, and the One who set up the meeting...

You are present in this place,
Holy is Your Name.
Your dwelling Place is beautiful,
I am so glad I came!
You met me at the door, You took
my burden off of me...
in this place of rest it is
Your glory that I see!

In the Presence, in the glory
You are God, so real!
You take us in embrace and there
is nothing to conceal.
You are so holy, Father God,
and holy we become
as we meet You in this place...
faithful, God, we come.

Oh so present in this place
and faithful--it is You.
We gather in Your holy Name
and render praises due:
praise for Your attending us
and being all-in-all;
oh, so fortunate are we
to answer to Your call!

To answer the call? But to recognize the call in the first place!
Listen. He WILL call!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


"Glorious God!"
With excitement I cry out!
With expectation I cry out!
With assurance I cry out!
How come?
Do I expect with assurance and excitement, knowing He will respond because it's me?
He responds to a willing heart out of grace...

"Glorious God, You are holy,
You are wonderful and kind!
I cry out in whatever state,
Your Presence I to find;
You are holy, You are mighty,
You are lowly, too,
so that such as I may have
relationship with You!

Glorious God, You are mighty,
here You come again;
calling me to carry Your word
unto all of men.
Showing them Your love regardless
of their current state;
that they would know that You love them
and they may be great!

Glorious God, You are perfect,
once again affirm;
yet You bow Yourself unto
an understanding term
for to reach the likes of men
and draw them to Your heart;
there, the glory of Your self,
Your graces would impart!"

Glorious God.
In spite of what you have heard, He is knowable.
In spite of what you have been taught, He is touchable.
In spite of your 'tradition,' He loves you personally!
Know Glorious God!
He already knows you!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


"Oh Majesty, attend to Your creation
Your glory and Your Majesty retain;
YOU ARE is all the heavens need to know!
Oh bless us as Your Presence be our gain.

You have no need for man nor Your Creation
but we have need of everything of You!
You were then, You are now and forever
And this man wants You now and ever through!
That is why my heart and all that is me
"Your Majesty" with all respect would call!
In the spirit, I stand tall and mighty
in all else would I so humbly fall.

O majesty, continuing creation
we need Your revelation without end!
O stable us until we see the glory;
envelope us and say to us 'My friend.'

O Majesty, attend to Your creation
and we will respond in adoration!

In Jesus' Name,

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Escort

Peace comes by this morning
and offers me a ride.
He says "No matter, I can get you
to the other side."
There are so many obstacles
and traps along the way,
but Peace has promised to escort me
all throughout the day.

Peace, His Name is Faithful;
His transport, it be love;
and He assures to me, (and all,)
that there be plenty of!

Who are you riding with?
Will it get you where you are going?
What route will it take?
Jesus is available to escort you. He is The Way.
He desires you. He desires to get you where you are going...
First, He will make sure of that destination!
Go with Him!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


"She ruled with an iron hand..."
Too often, when I ask a group or class what a parent was like as they grew up, a 'negative' is rendered.
Too often, the same be truth.
Too often, the accounts of a blessed childhood go untold.
This writer is one of those blessed, and I refuse to be silenced!!
My mother got things accomplished with her children with a very firm hand.
A rod of iron? In the eyes of a child perhaps.
But looking back, I can see how blessed the three of us were the the discipline she used was quite effective: look at us now.
I guess the greatest tool in mom and dad's "woodshed" was love. I did not fear the "rod" or punishment as much as I feared the look of pain and disappointment in their faces.
Is it that way today? Is it any different "obeying God?" It's not that I have the "freedom of forgivenes," it's that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me and I love Him so much that I desire to obey Him.
I have access to so much of what this world deems "riches." A lot of it has no accountability save for my own integrity. What keeps me from "enjoying" some of it for myself? I have no desire to! That has been instilled in me by a mother who deserves more honor than one Sunday annually! That has been instilled in me by a Heavenly Father Who provides far greater riches than anything I can swipe!
Rambling on? Maybe...
I just want to make sure that my mother, (and the world,) knows how valuable she is, and how fortunate I am to have been raised by her hand.
(I have so very often seen her with an iron in her hand, but I never saw her use it as a rod!)

Saturday, May 8, 2010


How many are the poets,
sentimentally to wax...
how many are the burdens that
are yet upon their backs...
how many are the mothers that
inspire poets on...
how many the emotions that
shall nevermore be gone!

How many...
how much...
the queries, the stories, the poems shall NEVER come to end
as the love...the laughs...the tears that mother inspires inside of me are without limits.
Am I any different?
Is my own distinguished from another?
Ah, but the poet can ramble on about the gift that my own is and cause her honor over another only due to the reader!

How many are the poets?
But the reader only knows!
For the mother of me
admiration ever grows!
She that bore me is the one
deserving status great,
therefore, she is the very one
my verses celebrate!

My mother is a gift
that unto God I lift
and pray that He would bless
in spite of me--what mess!!

I love you, mother.
I hope you don't mind that the world is reading this,


Friday, May 7, 2010

How long?

Creation cries out "How long?"
How long will God allow what is happening?
Questions like that differ from society to society.
Some know only torture. They are not even aware that an end is promised.
Others know only prosperity. They may not even desire an end to life as they know.
Still, creation cries out "How long?!"

How long until injustice is
not even on man's tongue?
How long until pure adoration
flows from every lung?
How long until Your glory is
the only thing in sight?
How long until Your Presence, Lord,
it be our lone delight?!

"Even so, come quickly!" every
tongue for now confess!
emotions to suppress!
creation cries in pangs!
The hope of each believing heart,
on Your return, they hang!!!

How long? Who am I to know?!
Only words have I. Not answers.
How about you? What does your heart want?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Because of love...

There are so many voices today explaining, warning, selling, YELLING... doing whatever they can to get you into the family of God.
What happened to you?
What was it that caused you to become a Christian?
For this writer, it was the love and the patience of the man I was conversing with that one night. And the conversation was not even about salvation! It was about an event that was happening in the world, and the peace that he had in spite of it!
No matter what it was (or is) that drew you into the Kingdom, the Holy Spirit was behind it. And love was, and is, THE motive!
Jesus said that " man comes to the Father but by Me." That's right, whatever it was that caused you to make that decision, it was the Holy Spirit.
Do you still have that relationship with the Holy Spirit, or is He for "another time?"
God loves you so much. He wants you. He wants you in His fold because He KNOWS that what He has for your life is better than what the world has! He wants the Holy Spirit to be an integral part of your life CONSTANTLY...not for "...back then."

I want the same for you. It's wonderful!
Think about it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


The sanctuary is quiet this evening, but not silent.
There is no man present, yet it is filled with life!
The parables abound.
The life is available to any who would seek.
Would life merely jump up into the boat as if it were a fish?
Or must life be sought out with careful planning and the right if it were a fish?
Oh, the life!
Must the same even be sought out?
Why not just enjoy the view...enjoy the atmosphere...enjoy the life!
It is possible!
Don't lose the lesson of the sanctuary!
(First, determine what 'sanctuary' means for you!)
No matter how big or how small it appears to be, there is life and there is something to learn!
Life only depends on what you are looking for. If you are in the sanctuary looking for a thing and cannot find it, look around. There may be something else there for you.

Hang on! I think I got a bite!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

In Between...

Secure within the Maker,
regardless of the blast;
though He's creator of the same,
security is fast!
No matter what is coming
HE WILL provide a way
to be in His stronghold safe,
secure to ever stay!

For there may come the lightning,
there may come the roar,
there may come the shaking,
the Maker will restore!
There may be tornado,
there may be hurricane,
but through it all the Maker is
and life will surely gain!

The Maker is security,
but far beyond all sight
The ONLY One to Whom one clings,
escaping every fright!
No matter what the moment does,
right now or just beyond,
He is the lone Security
in Whom we are so fond!

The sirens sounded, the lights flickered...some of the people panicked...but there was no damage here that I know of, only some limbs down in the back yard.
That does not mean we are any better than those who lost everything. Some of the ones I was with returned home to storm damage.
It rains on the just and the unjust.
I am writing this in between storms.
Please keep praying for us.