Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Servant

In the poet's Bible, Isaiah 53:7-9 translates:

Oppressed and afflicted,
silent to remain...
for to be obedient
must He bear the pain...
taken from the prison, from judgement, far removed;
for to so declare His
generation, we're behooved.
Cut off from the living...
stricken for mankind...
entombed among the wicked,
in such this man to find!
At death, though, with the wealthy
as sin He did not know!
Thus could He, to His Father,
for my transgressions, go!

The Servant, He is passive,
His deity avowed...
humiliated, beaten, killed,
it HAD TO be allowed!
Else then, would we all be
most miserable of men.
Indebted am I ever-
for I am born again!

How about you?
Every time I write or read something as graphic, or anything about Jesus, the question ultimately arises and turns to the reader:
Do you know Jesus as your Savior?
The answer lies in your heart.

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