Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Beautiful

We are so bound by 'words,' so limited by 'language.'
So often, I read the Bible and there are footnotes everywhere regarding "Original text." Said text contains words and phrases so foreign to us, words and phrases that are more concise than the English language can capture.
When I took Spanish years ago, Mr. Reyes would often tell us that "This word in English almost means ________," but there was not an English word to capture it.
So it is is with Scripture. I am sure that some of the beauty of it is "lost in translation."
I say all of that to point out that this man is really incapable of writing down some of the "things" I see when in communication with Jesus...

You are beautiful beyond creation,
we cannot see such length!
The splendor of Your plenitude
restores in us much strength.
When everything is taken,
all creation disappears,
there is the glory of You only
as the heart so fears!
The fullness of Your Majesty-
To glorify You, my Lord God,
this man was surely made!
I take a stand against the mundane
"going here and there..."
and stop to see Your glory
absolutely everywhere!

So beautiful, so glorious
and nothing to support:
"You are alone in primacy!"
would all of time exhort!
But minus all constrictions that
this living would apply,
You are Lord, and You remain
for ALL to glorify!

Can you see?

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